Tirfor, Wire Rope Pulling Hoist/Puller, Aluminum Hand Winch

Jan 09, 2019
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Adjustable handle

-For easy operation


Backward lever&Forward lever

-Placed in tandem providing a slim design and assuring power transfer along the center


Spare shear pins

-Two spare shear pins located in the carrying handle


Built-in shearing pin

-Prevent overload. It functions at approx. 50% overload and the pins can be replaced without removing the load.


Anchor bolt

- Offers numerous and versatile connection possibilities with load hooks sling ropes and sling chains


Stamped serial number

-For easy identification


High strength cast aluminum alloy body

-Light weigh, simple to operate. Smooth contour design with large flat bottom surface for increased stability in horizontal as well as vertical working position.


Galvanized steel wire rope mounted on a reel

-Every rope is operational tested to 150% of the rated capacity and is issued with individual test certificate.